How to Pitch Lizrd Mail to Fans/Customers

  • August 28, 2018

Since using Lizrd I have increased my email subscriptions significantly.

I now average 25-75 sign ups a weekend depending on number of shows, audience size and how well I performed that night hahaha 😛

Here are some Lizrd Mail best practices to get the most out of your subscription.


1. Have a visual. Whether you are a performer asking people to join your mailing list or a company checking people into an event, people use technology better when they can clearly see what they need to do. Make a visual with simple, clear and large instructions.

For performers or businesses that travel I recommend business cards that people can take away with them. (Best part of Lizrd Mail, people can do this anywhere not just at the event and they do! 30% of my sign ups are hours, sometimes days later!!)

Here are a few examples:

2. Give a verbal call to action. It’s easy to overlook a card or poster if you don’t know what it is for. Be sure to briefly explain what they are signing up for.

i.e. “To signed up for my mailing list just text “cats” to 206-207-5422. You will get a text asking for your email address then another text asking for your zip code and then a thank you message. I will only email you the next time I’m in your area to tell you where I am performing.”

Liz Miele’s pitch:

Carmen Lynch’s pitch:

3. Make sure they know to wait for the prompts. Don’t just tell them to text your code word. People seem to think phones are magic and by just texting the code word we will just grab their info. Let them know they have to wait for the prompts and text back their info.

4. Some people are gonna need extra guidance. If you have a table set up or are hanging about after a show help guide audience members that might have drank too much, are technologically challenged, or have a sweet flip phone with how to do it.

I usually say, “Go to new text message, put in this number, text “cats” and wait for a text asking for your email, text me your email then your zip code” It takes a few extra seconds to help someone get started and finish the process.

*Note: I often get people telling me that they wanted to sign up but their phone died. Not to fear! They can do it on a friends phone OR your phone. I’ll start the process on my phone then when it gives the first prompt, hand them my phone to fill out their info or ask them the info and type it myself.

5. Have incentives to joining your list. You don’t always need to sweeten the deal but if you sweeten it smartly you might make a super fan. I personally give my first comedy album away for a dollar if they sign up for my list and show me the thank you message after the show. Not only does it double my sign ups but because people go home with my album and listen to it I make super fans. Forgoing a profit of $9 now means ticket sales in the future, future album sales and people spreading the word of your work behind your back because people feel indebted. Here are some incentives my beta testers have used:

*Free download of their album

*Discounted album/discounted membership (I give mine away for a dollar so that I at least cover my costs)

*Free bumper sticker, print/postcard, pen, key chain, etc

*Free month of a membership

*gift baskets

*free tickets to future show

These are just some ideas but if you need more guidance feel free to reach out! We want this product to work for you!