Collect and organize email subscriptions and/or customer information all via text.

No clipboard, no papers, no lines, no pens, no effort.

How It Works


Pick a code word! (Customers will text this word so make simple)


Pick up to 3 questions you want to ask customers from the drop down menu. You currently can only ask for name, email, zip code, birthday, wedding date, address and phone number. (Custom questions are currently not available but coming soon. Please inquire here:


Customize a thank you message customers receive after entering their info. Use full links if you want them to be able to click and be taken to a certain site. (i.e. as opposed to just @lizrdmail) Message must be under 140 characters. This message can be changed at any time.


Customize a thank you message customers receive after entering their info. Use full links if you want them to be able to click and be taken to a certain site. (i.e. as opposed to just @lizrdmail) Message must be under 140 characters. This message can be changed at any time.


On your account dashboard new sign ups will pre-populate in real time. (you might need to refresh your browser) You also have the ability to download the last 24 hours of sign ups and all your sign ups via buttons on your dashboard.


The following day you will also receive an email with the number of sign ups you received and an attached .csv file with all the sign up info. (If you don't see it in your inbox the next day please check your spam for this email: and then add us to your contacts.)

Build a mailing list

Collect customer info

Conference sign in


Convention Sign In / Sign Up

Party Guest List

Wedding RSVP



$2/ month

+59¢ processing fee+12¢ per sign up

  • Shared number
  • Up to 3 standard fields (ex: name, email, zip code, address, phone number, birthday, wedding date)
  • Custom code word
  • Custom thank you message (up to 140 characters)

(Coming Soon...feel free to inquire now if interested)

$5/ month

+59¢ processing fee+12¢ per 3 question sign up

  • Private number (choose area code)
  • Up to 3 custom fields (+2¢ extra per question)
  • Custom code word (possible to have multiple code words)
  • Longer custom thank you message (up to 280 characters)


to be a beta tester


Liz Miele


Gary Gulman


Nikki Glaser


Maz Jobrani


Caroline’s Comedy Club

Comedy Club

Hari Kondabolu


Alonzo Bodden


Maria Shehata

Comedian - UK

Kareem Green


Ramon Rivas


Greg Stone


Gabe Pacheco


Mike Vecchione


Wil Sylvince


Jason Salmon


Danielle Lear

Craft Show Coordinator

Tony Deyo


Matthew Holtzclaw and Prakash Puru


The Band Called Fuse


Brittain Ashford


Alistair Williams

Comedian - UK

Shane Torres


Michael Brigante


Pop Post

All Female Online Entertainment Platform


Who is this service for? Who is using this?

This service is used to collect fan or customer information via text messaging. It’s for anyone that wants to easily and accurate collect information. Every person that texting their info to your code word goes into a .csv file you can download.

Some of the ways Lizrd customers are using our service:

Artists are using it to build their mailing list so they can reach their fans in the future about gigs and big appearances.

Businesses are using it to collect customer information.

Companies are using it at conventions or conferences either as an easy system to check people in or gather information from new customers.

It can also be used at Open Houses to collect potential buyers information, a way to gather party/wedding gift inventory or a digital guest book.

We’d love to know how you are using it!

How do I change my billing information and/or cancel?

You can cancel anytime as well as change credit cards, adjust your account balance etc. Unfortunately we don’t have this set up to do on your own in your account. So to make any changes or cancel you need to email us at: and we will do within a day. Feature to be added to your dashboard around Oct the latest. Thank you for your patience.

When am I charged? How does billing work?

Once you sign up you will be charged whatever account balance you chose. ($10, $20, $30 so forth) We will immediately deduct the monthly fee + processing charge of $2.50 from that balance and then every time someone texts your codeword to our number we deduct .12. When your account balance gets low we recharge your credit card of your original chosen balance again.

Can I change my code word and thank you message?

YES! You can change both whenever you like. Right now it is not set up to do yourself on your account dashboard (hoping to add this feature by Oct the latest) so you would have to email: and let us know what you would want changed. Warning: On the shared number account code words are first come first serve so once the word is taken you can’t get it unless you want to join Lizrd+ and buy your own number. Then you can pick any code word you like.

Why can my thank you message only be 140 characters?

Most cell plans split up text messages after 140 characters counting them and sometimes sending them as separate messages costing additional money to send. To keep costs down we limit your thank you message to one text. If you’d like your thank you message to be longer you can either wait for Lizrd+ to come out or inquire about your options now by emailing us at

What questions am I able to ask?

Currently with our Lizrd Basic version you can ask up to three questions and only choose from our list in our drop down menu. So you can ask: name, email, zip code, birthday, wedding date, address, phone number.

What if I want to ask different or custom questions?

If you have other basic questions you think should be available please feel free to suggest them. Otherwise custom questions are going to be available for purchase under our Lizrd+, which will come out soon. If you can’t wait and want to inquire about using Lizrd+ now please email us at:

Why do custom questions need to have their own phone number?

Because we don’t know what answers people signing up will give they might activate another person’s account if they answer to their question is someone else’s code word. (i.e. What is your favorite animal? They answer cat (but someone could have the code word “cat” and it could start prompt the other accounts questions instead of yours) So to avoid that people receive their own phone number.

How quickly do I see sign ups?

You can immediately see them in your dashboard just refresh the browser. And can download them at any time using the download buttons in the upper right hand corner.

What’s the best way to alert customers or fans of your code word?

We suggest making business cards with your code word and our phone number (or posters) and letting people know before and after the event how to use the service.

For example: Text “Insert your code word” to 206-207-5422 and follow the prompts until you receive a thank you message. I will then email you next time I’m performing in your town.

Using cards people can take with them, letting them know how to do it and what that information will be used for is the best way to encourage people to sign up.

What’s is a good card layout?

Here’s our founders card example:

She includes her social media and website as well in case people don’t wanna sign up for her mailing list but want to follow her on social media or check out her website instead.

What does the user see on their phone?

Something like this below. It will vary clearly on what questions you ask and what you write in your thank you message.

What do I do with the information collected?

That is 100% up to you. For artists collecting emails and zip codes we suggest you email people when you are next performing in their area. Companies might use it for data, to follow up with customers, etc. As long you use the information the way you promise your customers its really up to you.

Why am I being charged for a full sign up if people don’t complete all the sign up questions?

Each time the service is used (they text your code word) you get charged for a full sign up (even if you only get partial info) All partial info will show up in your .csv file and export link. To avoid only getting partial information please make clear to fans/customers how many questions you have and to keep responding until they receive your thank you message.

Why don’t you use short codes?

We are a small tech start up that wants to make growing a fan base, collecting customer information and signing into events simple and affordable. Shared short codes start at $1000 for 3 months. Full numbers are significantly less. We thought you wouldn’t mind a few extra digits to save us all a lot money J (and truthfully we haven’t noticed any drop off in sign ups due to extra digit entering)

Can we purchase international numbers?

There is a lot of red tape over which numbers can and cannot be bought if you don’t have a business in that country. We are working on adding different countries and will announce which ones and when soon. Currently we are beta testing an UK number. If interested please email us at

Interested in using Lizrd but have other requests or uses of the product? Let us adapt it to your needs. Email and let us know how we can customize our product to suit you better.