Everything Dies…Even Social Media

  • August 31, 2018

Instagram is big now. All the teenagers are Snapchatting. Everyone gets their news from Twitter. But Twitter isn’t immune to becoming a footnote like Myspace and Vine. These current social media platforms won’t last forever and more importantly they won’t stay the same. A few years ago Facebook changed their algorithm so that less fans would see your posts, unless you paid to boost your posts (same with Instragram which they own.) Meaning now you have to pay money to reach your original following. I went from consistently gaining followers and having frequent interactions with them on my posts to engagements going way down.

What I’m saying is when you pool all your resources into a platform you have no control over, you are at the mercy of their ever changing algorithms and how they decide who gets to see your content. And when they collapse so does your connection with your fans all together.

I think social media is important and you should choose one or two to participate in and build but you need a mode of communication that is more evergreen. That’s where mailing lists come in.
Up until early 2000’s snail mail marketing was still highly used and effective, now email is the most common way to stay connected with your customers and fans. Navigating the art of this communication is gonna be what most of our upcoming blogs are about but for now I want you to start seeing the importance of having a connection to your fans or customers that no one can take away from you.

Email is checked daily.
Email has a level of importance to most people’s career and lives.
Email isn’t a fad.
Email doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself…looking at your #instagram!
Email blasts can be as simple or complex as you like.
Email doesn’t regulate the content you can and can’t send (unless you are spamming people…don’t spam people!!)
Email marketing has the ability to track opens, clicks, purchases, etc

Email helps you stay connected, get information out, and make sales.

Let us help you start collecting emails!

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